USB 3.0 issues

userHead jlinde 2019-07-08 16:38:24 9671 Views7 Replies

We have purchased a couple of Lattepanda Alpha 864 for our drone projects and they appear to work very well for most purposes - both in Windows 10 and in Linux.

However, when we connect high performance USB 3.0 devices such as USB 3.0 cameras or software defined radios, it appears that the USB 3.0 interface gets very unstable - almost unusable. USB 3.0 devices disconnect suddenly or we get many LIBUSB_TRANSFER_ERROR's - something I have never seen when we use the same equipment on other machines. It seems the issue occurs when high speed transfers are taking place - eg. >100MB/s

Another interesting detail is that the USB 3.0 issue seems highly dependent on which cables that we use. Some cables work better than others.
This issue is nonexistent when we use a standard laptop or Intel NUC. I know for certain that the cables are not faulty, although their shielding quality may vary.

I suspect that something is interfering with the USB 3.0 interface - maybe WiFi or something else. Or maybe it is a driver/UEFI issue?

In any case, I have not been able to find a solution and therefore, we cannot use the Lattepanda Alpha for these purposes. It is a shame, because it is very lightweight and very suitable for the drone applications that we want to use it for. Has anyone else seen this issue or have you got any suggestions on how to proceed?

Thank you!