Custom Display Driver Board for LattePandaAlpha

userHead RBV_DabKick 2019-07-09 10:47:21 2827 Views3 Replies
Hi All,

I am having a chinese vendor build a custom display driver board for me, as I am running Ubuntu 16.04 and touch does not work on the DFRobot 'Touch' Display for the LPA.

I have high hopes, but in order to debug the board the vendor had a couple questions (this is more or less a direct quote and I am not an EE):

1. What platform the motherboard is on?
2. What IC is for the main controller?
3. What's the signal source is?

I assume the signal source is the GPU (?), but I am fairly confused about what is meant by 'platform'.

My big hope is that someone can tell me the IC for the main controller, which sounds vague to me, but again, I am not an EE.