BIOS Bug - New Alpha 864 w/ M3-8100y can't changed UEFI boot drive target from eMMC.

userHead mhedhli 2019-08-14 23:50:23 6247 Views6 Replies

I recently received one of the new batches of Alpha 864s with the M3-8100y. I have another UEFI OS installed on an NVMe and I can see it in the BIOS and select it as a boot override option but every time I try to make the NVMe the primary boot target, the BIOS doesn't save the setting and diverts back to booting to the Windows install on the eMMC.

I have one of the original Alpha 864 with the M3-7y30 from the kickstarter campaign and I don't have this problem with this model. I also noticed the BIOS has a lot more options/switches/menus.

Should we expect a firmware update for the new model? I've already orderd a few and planned on ordering several of these to utilize as remote Pentesting boxes but the UEFI instability and undocumented changes to the BIOS is making me consider looking at Up Board .

Please advise.

PS: I'd really love to see an option for changing the boot logo in the bios or even better... the BIOS for the panda being open sourced and available on your github.