How much difference would I notice with a 4k vs a 1080p in games?

userHead foggystone 2019-08-29 14:43:09 12909 Views4 Replies
I have never had the opportunity to compare a 4k vs a 1080p side by side while a game of any type is running. I have a 4k LED tv, and when it's running a 4k signal the difference is noticeable. But that's in a 55" from halfway across the room watching movies or football, which doesn't really compare to games.

I'm extreemly tempted to get a nice ultrawide 2k monitor as it would serve double duty for working at home on those snowy days when I just don't want to drive into work, and a nice ultra wide would just help with CAD work a bit more. But it wouldn't help that much more that if there's a big noticeable difference between 1080p vs a 4k monitor in games, that I would miss it.

Also I'd be driving the 4k with a gtx980, which I understand wouldn't run all games at max settings. Eventually I plan to upgrade the card when the next gen comes out.