Adding a RESET Switch for Intel x86 (may be blinking BLUE LED)

userHead anonymous 2019-09-13 07:54:31 5083 Views2 Replies

Since there is no RESET Switch on the Intel X86 CPU side, I've created a DIY project to show how it is accomplished.
(Note that the "Ardu Reset" Switch on the PCB is for Arduino Leonardo Reset, not for main CPU.)

Why I show this path?
It's because some had stated the LPA (or LPD) has the blinking BLUE LED (once every 4 seconds or so), which means the power is properly supplied.
However, even press the "POWER" button for more than 8 second, there is no steady BLUE LED (even momentarily in steady BLUE),
and the current consumption is about 0.04A, I think this syndrome is "cannot power up the LattePanda Alpha".

LattePanda himself has a post showing a possible solution, involving:
- taking out peripheral devices (e.g., eDP monitor cable, external hard drive, any adapter card on any M.2 slot, unplug all USB devices, etc.)
Just leave the DDR4L RAM in place...
- do the POWER and RESET sequence as described
(I guess here some mistakenly press the Arduino RESET button, that is the incorrect way.)

Here I cannot attest if the procedure Lattepanda had stated is effective or not. I am just showing how to add an Intel CPU RESET switch. LPA_Reset_Switch.jpg