Handheld Gaming Console

userHead atzeehh 2019-09-24 20:27:42 15821 Views1 Replies

Im thinking of making a portable gaming console.
I have collected a lot of information and i was wondering if anyone can help, or has done it.
Its my first time making such a thing so i dont want to spend alot of money on the Alpha, but the original with 4gb will do.
I wanna play old windows games and emulation.
First question is how i should power the lattepanda, and if its worth it, like battery life.
For the case i want to use the Nintimdo RP or the Louii. They have made great designs, i really appreciate.
But the first one is 7 inch and second for 5 inch. I think 5 inch is to small for windows but i dont know, i like the size.
For controller im thinking of using the nintendo switch joysticks that are on aliexpress as replacement. I like those style joysticks, but i dont know how i can solder them.
Because they use a small cable. Then a wii pro controller for other buttons, and it all go to a teensy.
Im thinking of using a 10.000mah battery, is that enough?
And how can i make a led that indicates the battery life like the Louii project.


Nintimdo RP: