2010 Macbook Pro battery for lattepanda alpha???

userHead r_trombini 2019-10-13 04:38:33 5294 Views1 Replies
Hello guys!
So, I'm planning on making a portable device with a latrepanda alpha. I've got a 2010 Macbook Pro battery laying around here. The batteries are fine, I believe. I was wondering if I could use them in the 10p battery port. The 2010 MBP battery, as far as I know, have 9 pins, with a very similar order to the cube i9 battery that is known to work on the panda: 3 positive, 3 control pins (I believe CLK, feedback and SDA is the order) and 3 GND. As one of the pins in the cube i9 battery is not connected (NC) i believe that if I simply swaped the 9 pin connector to a 10 pin connector (and correct the control pins order if necessary) it woukd be fine.
One last thing that is actually quite importante: the MPB battery is a 3s 2p battery, wich means that there are 3 battery in series providing a voltage of 11.1v~ 12.6v. I''m planning on removing one of the series connector to have a 7.4v~8.4v as recommended in the dfrobots site. Perhaps even connected the 2 batteries in parallel that will be removed in parallel with the remaining, making it a 2s 3p battery pack and incresing the juice I can take of it.

What do you think about it? Beside the obvious risks envolving messing around with batteries (I am an electronic engineering student, almost graduated, so I know the safety measures and protocols), do you think this would work? Is there anything I missed that is Critical??

Thank you for your attention! Stay creative