Camera Connection issue via USB3 of Lattepanda alpha

userHead rollo 2019-10-15 23:15:12 7594 Views1 Replies
I am developing a real-time image processing module using Lattepanda Alpha. But there is a problem with running the camera through the USB3.0 ports.

At the first time, I thought it’s probably a cable problem, so I used new cables based on USB3.0 Vision Standard, but this also fails to grab images most time. However, the cables work well in standard desktops and laptops.

One strange thing is, if the cable is longer than 1 m, the camera works fine, but if it is shorter than 1 m, the problem is occurred.
(Long cables cannot be used in my project because the developing module should be made small.)

We tested several lattepanda alphas and every system shows the same problem.
Have you ever had this problem? How I can overcome this? A similar issue was reported in other FAQ in July, but there seems to be no solution yet.

(Wifi might not be the problem in this case, and I have tested USB hubs but I could not find the suitable one. Please recommend one if you solved the problem with it)