i2S external DAC

userHead naguirre 2019-10-24 16:36:57 10107 Views2 Replies
Hi folks,
i'm using right now the LattePanda Alpha as controller of a audiophile DAC.
For that purpose i'm using an USB port of the LattePanda wich used a USB to i2s board (Amanero USB). Everything is working well, but for different reasons, i would like to try the i2s output which is present on the extension connector of the LattePanda Alpha.

I read a little bit about the m3-7Y30 and the KabyLake architecture and more precisely this document provided by intel : https://www.intel.com/content/dam/www/p ... -vol-1.pdf

It seems that the processor has 3 differents i2s controller. One shared with the HDA output. I guess that the HDA is actually used for the analog part of the LattePanda and connected to ALC269VC codec. So there is still 2 others I2S bus on the CPU.
Is the document aligned with the revision of LattePanda's Alpha processor ?
Which i2s port is connected to the extension connector ?
Do you have any idea on an existing Li,ux driver for the i2s output ?

It would be interresting to have i2s audio working for connecting lattepanda with different audiophile diy dac boards.