LattePanda Alpha 864 does no longer start - it is dead

userHead lattepandauser 2019-10-25 21:51:07 7662 Views4 Replies
Hi support,

I happily ordered 4 LattePandas and some accessories just about a year ago. I had the LattePanda 4GB/64GB and LattePanda Alpha 864 in use every week day. The LattePanda 4GB/64GB stopped reacting to clicking the start button a couple of months ago. I was sad but I was able to put all my software on the LattePanda Alpha 864. Just a few days ago the LattePanda Alpha 864 stopped reacting to clicking on the start button, too. It is basically dead! I'm really frustrated as I handled the devices with so much care and I really enjoyed working with them. I also proudly showed them all my friends. Could you please tell me troubleshooting options? And if they do not fix the problem could you send me a replacement LattePanda Alpha 864 please. That'd be very much appreciated!

Happy LattePanda user (not so happy right now)