Delta 432 not using HDMI display

userHead rckrchrdsn 2019-10-26 03:07:16 8357 Views4 Replies
This started out with me trying to access the UEFI. I read the tutorial and hit ESC when it first came on. Note I use a mouse/keyboard that indicates when the dongle is powered not talking to PC, powered talked to PC, and when receiving keystrokes that are accepted by the PC. So after the blue LED on the Delta went solid and the dongle indicated powered talking to PC, I hit ESC and the dongle indicated the key was accepted by the PC. At the same time the display indicated HDMI 2 had signal. Then the power to the dongle died, then about 5 seconds later came back on. Then the display indicates HDMI 2 has no signal. This is not unusual during normal start up. about 10 seconds later the displays comes back on. Now I am expecting to see the UEFI or the Windows boot screen in about 15 seconds. Nothing. After 5 minutes, I press the power switch and the blue LED dies immediately with only the red LED, but the blue LED flashes every 10 seconds. Now I press the power key and the blue LED comes on solid we go through the same sequence but I do not press any keys and Windows boots up. Okay. I did something wrong. I had read the forum on booting and had seen someone saying the DEL key works. So I tried that instead. Same outcome. I tried a second time with ESC (third time in all). Failed. Powered off and waited 10 seconds and powered back. Now the HDMI display does not receive signal when I leave the keyboard. Now the blue LED is on for 3 seconds, off for 1 second. The dongle shows the PC is accepting keystrokes from the dongle. Removing power puts the LEDs in expected states, red on blue off, but powering up ends up with a blank screen.

The Delta has been running for over 48 hours at the time this happened. Windows has been fully upgraded. A NVMe drive has been added and working.