Latte Panda Defective - No Lights

userHead bjamieson 2019-11-13 19:48:56 7586 Views3 Replies

My Latte Panda 846s has been excellent as a headless Win X weather station for ~ 3 months. A few days ago it went off-line, and I discovered that it was powered down.

This has happened before now, and I thought it was due to a windows upgrade trying to do an auto restart, and perhaps failing. At that point I was able to press the powerbutton and get it to reboot correctly.

This time, the device has no activity lights showing up, and despite verifyig that the Latte Panda supplied power supply can charge batteries and phones etc, it does nothing for the board. Also, trying the only other usbC powersource I have (for a Raspberry Pi v4), it too does not power the Panda.

Both supplies do power the Raspberry Pi correctly.

The device was bought 4 months ago, and took about 6 weeks to get to the Falkland Islands.

I hope this can be resolved or replaced, 4 months at £100 per month (including shipping time) is not a good thing !