[DDEFECTIVE] LP 4G/64G suddenly broke down, no longer boots

userHead Digioso 2019-12-05 03:39:30 3613 Views2 Replies

I've got an old LP 4G/64GB system which is (or was) running 24/7.
But then yesterday the board suddenly broke down.
If I put in a network cable and I can see the network LEDs still blinking.

When I put in a power cable the red LED goes on one time, then the blue LED blinks mildly 14 times, then the blue one blinks a little bit more intense 7 times and turns off.
Same when I hit the power button for a couple of seconds.

Any ideas?
I've read about perhaps issues with the BIOS battery. But I assume this is the case for later LP models? At least I can't find any battery on this model.