Arduino changes from 2GB/32GB LattePanda boards?

userHead Tempest8008 2019-12-14 02:59:07 9897 Views4 Replies
We have some boards that are a couple of years old.
We have some brand new boards too.

Both are the 2GB/32GB versions with no pre-installed Windows.

We're noticing differences in how the Arduino is dealing with pinouts. On the older version it's working as expected, where we're using a line as an ignition sense. It goes high, it goes low.

On the newer board however that line stays high all of time .

These are straight out of the box.
They're imaged with Win10 LTSB.
Our software (which hasn't changed) pushes a wake-up at 1200 baud to the Arduino, then passes commands to activate a bank of LEDs.
Pretty straightforward stuff.

Does anyone know if there have been any differences in chipsets or default sketches on the Arduino Leonardo's on the 2GB/32GB versions of the LattePanda in the last couple of years?

Any assistance would be appreciated.