BIOS secure boot & BIOS refresh using U disk

userHead jaypark 2020-01-17 12:42:10 6295 Views0 Replies
Hi, I purchased LP 864s a few days ago. And I'm trying to set up NVMe-based eGPU in ubuntu 16.04.

But, there are some issues.
(1) In the process of installing and setting up nvidia-driver 2070 eGPU, I need to change secure boot to disable mode. But, in BIOS setting, there is no option for setting up secure boot. Moreover, when I tried to change the secure boot to disable mode using command line in ubuntu, the system said that "secure boot is not supported."

(2) For this reason, I tried to refresh my LP's BIOS through this URL ( ... 20m3-8100y).
But, the files provided by the above URL (github) are not enough to refresh BIOS (LP alpha 864s).

So, to sum up my question, can I set secure boot to disable mode? If not, are there any references or guidelines for setting up eGPU driver on ubuntu?
Finally, how do I refresh the 864s's BIOS using U-disk? It appears that the provided .zip file is small in size and insufficient in content.
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