LP Delta issue after flashing to auto power on

userHead gwynethh 2020-02-03 22:14:38 5167 Views2 Replies
Has anyone flashed the Delta to auto power on? Has anyone had slow boot issues after doing that? How did you fix that?
We flashed the Delta to get auto power on and after the flash had very slow (over a minute) boot up into windows 10 from both the eMMC and a m2 SSD. Both worked perfectly prior to to the auto boot flashing. Removal and return to normal power on resulted in failure to boot to windows even after Win 10 re-installation. Attempting to reflash to the "OEM" Delta bios resulted in mismatch messages.

Now looking to flash a new BIOS chip (off board) and replace the Deltas BIOS chip be un-soldering/re-soldering.

We used the firmware in the Github repository.