LattePanda and Connected Sleep

userHead nh905 2020-03-08 23:43:47 6814 Views2 Replies
I have two of the Cherry Trail Z8300 4GB LattePanda devices, primarily for testing. Both are 'headless' using a ghost HDMI adapter and accessed via VNC. In the last few months, I would periodically lose access to one of them - the LP would not even respond to PINGs. In the past, I would reboot, but I recently noticed that connecting a keyboard/monitor would often allow me to regain access.

I noticed today that the Event Viewer showed "The system is exiting connected standby" around the time I regained access. It appears Connected Standby was introduced in Windows 8.1 and improved in Windows 10 to save battery life without having to go into Sleep mode. It is only available on selected Intel processors. So far, I have not found anything suggesting that the Cherry Trail processors support Connected Standby.

Has anyone else experienced these kinds of hangs? There is a regedit update to disable Connected Standby ( ... ed-standby) that I will try.

Thanks, Norbert