Arduino digital output does not work

userHead t157 2020-03-13 12:52:51 4123 Views2 Replies
I'm using two LattePanda 4G/64GB with Windows10.
One Arduino uses 1.8.10.
Another Arduino uses 1.0.6. (original)

I have a problem with Arduino digital output.
Digital output does not respond even if the following code is executed.
The operation is the same for both Lattepandas.

void setup() {
pinMode(7, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(7, LOW);

void loop() {
digitalWrite(7, HIGH);
digitalWrite(7, LOW);

Pin No.7(D7), 9(D9) are NG.
but, Pin No.10(D10), No.13(D13) are OK.
No.13's LED is blinking.

am I forgetting any settings?