LattePanda Appears to Lose Power (Red LED Off)

userHead nh905 2020-03-15 03:09:56 5047 Views3 Replies
Over the last week or so, one of my LattePandas (Cherry Trail Z8300, 4GB) would suddenly stop with the red LED going off. I have had issues in the past with power supplies that are not providing sufficient voltage under load and assumed I was experiencing the same problem, so I unplugged/re-plugged the power and rebooted.

I noticed today that just pressing the power button would cause the red LED to come on. After the LP was fully up (I access it via VNC since it does not have a screen or keyboard), I checked the Event Viewer which suggested the LP had gone into a sleep state due to system idle. This is odd, because I run World Community Grid on the LP so it is never idle. The last boot was four hours before (Windows maintenance) which supports the sleep/hibernation idea.

Going into Control Panel -> Power Options -> Edit Plan Setting -> Change advanced power settings, I found out that the Sleep / Hibernate after was 180 minutes. I have changed it to Never and will cross my fingers.

I am not sure what caused this issue to surface - I have never adjusted the power options. My other LP had a related issue where it intermittently went into Connected Standby mode (

Regards, Norbert