Standard LattePanda 2G/32GB with Windows Activation stuck looping through LattePanda image icon startup screen

userHead freeridetheworld 2020-03-22 09:34:30 2710 Views4 Replies
I'm using the Standard LattePanda 2G/32GB single board and it recently started looping through the LattePanda image/icon screen. Once I power the LP on it gets to the LattePanada image, the white dots start spinning, then you can see a box flicker in the upper right hand corner and then back to the LP image/icon screen. Over and over again. I'm pretty sure its not the cable or power supply since its been working with this exact same setup. I tried the hard reset instructions but like many people they have done absolutely nothing to solve the problem. I am able to use the delete button to get into the bios which seems stable as I'm not kicked out of it and I can make changes if I needed to. What do I need to do to get this thing back up and running? I've looked at some of the other message boards and none of the threads are helping.

One interesting note is that I get a "Please insert the external storage media and press OK" error if I remove the sd card and try to boot. I'm wondering if theres some sort of windows issues going on with the sd card.