USB-C NVMe M.2 drive not found to be bootable

userHead andymid 2020-04-02 07:03:30 2340 Views5 Replies

Hi Guys,

After using a NVMe M.2 dual boot win10 and macos 10.13 (worked fine), I first decided to add an eGPU via the M-slot, and moved the NVMe to the E-slot with an adapter - now I bought an USB-C NVMe M.2 drive case to put the M.2 in, to run thru USB-C and get back the speed I lost moving the drive to the E-slot, and added 12v power from the same 650w PSU I am powering the GTX 1070 (so should share a common gnd), but when trying to boot from this drive in the case, via USB-C the LattePanda Alpha just hangs and does not even respond to keyboard input (cannot even reach BIOS), and via USB3 (USB-C to USB3 cable) it only seems to be able to find the win10 recovery image - even from the BIOS boot menu, the win10 and MacOS (and EFI) partitions do not appear, it only gives the option of choosing the win10 recovery partition to boot from - however from any normal Mac they all appear as soon as I plug in the drive case, and removing the M.2 drive and putting it back in the E-slot (with the adapter) also allows me to again see all partitions and boot from which ever I choose..

Any ideas?? The drive case comes up as LIANGTENG in System Profiler on my Mac 

Would really like to get this working as also get occasion restarts and am not yet sure if is from the E-slot adapter, or the M-slot to 4x PCIe adapter where I have the GPU plugged in, or if is something else - before adding the eGPU and the E-slot adapter never had any problems with random restarts...