How to Lookup Windows 10 Activation Key

userHead CASEYSCALF 2020-04-08 07:44:20 2323 Views2 Replies
Just getting the LattePanda started and I realized I don't have a product key or antenna (even though I ordered the Enterprise version from Amazon).

LattePanda - a Powerful Windows 10 Mini PC 4GB/64GB with Enterprise License V1.0 Edition ... UTF8&psc=1

Luckily I found a spare antenna but am struggling with the activation key.

I tried the steps posted in the thread but was not able to make it work. I do not see a valid key in the computer.

So, what are my other options? I need to activate an enterprise version for this product.

1) Can I lookup with your team via my Amazon order # or something similar?

2) What about via the Serial number on the sticker on the board?

3) Where is it supposed to be anyways? I looked through the packaging like a crazy person and didn't find anything that matched the format the Windows 10 Settings Menu was asking for.

Thank you!