Latte panda h264 and OBS

userHead radexito 2020-04-10 22:15:42 1838 Views0 Replies
I am thinking about purchasing a Latte Panda Alpha for use with Open Broadcasting Studio i require it for scripts I use..
All i need OBS to record is 604x804 60fps image from USB 3.0 camera to a NVMe drive, wold Alpha have enough performance?
Preferably under windows as I've already tried a ROCK Pi 4 but the performance was inadequate for OBS(under debian and armbian), and ROCK PI kept restarting itself(no idea why) additionally it keeps corrupting the SD card that is required to boot off the (not on compatibility list) NVMe drive.

If anyone would want to help and try recording just a basic scene of a video playing in obs at the 604x806 60 fps on the alpha it would be much appreciated, just look at the bottom right corner and see if fps dips under 60.