Panda for astronomy

userHead ASTROPANDA VAF 2020-04-28 21:30:03 1910 Views1 Replies
Ordered my basic panda last week to use in astronomy,, mount, focuser and cameras.
I installed, cartes du ciel planetarium, this gives you a star chart on the panda,, to this I installed Ascom platform, eqmod,, these allow control of your goto telescope via cartes du ciel.
I installed hitecastro dc focus,, allows Software to control the electric motor and moves the telescope to the correct focal point.
Camera software I used
Backyard eos for Canon dslr camera
Sharpcap pro for my zwo asi178 mc camera.
Tight vnc installed on a laptop and linx 10 " Windows tablet,, can control the telescope from either of these connected via smartphone hot-spot,
Compete testing ect at video astronomy forum,, proboards
Davy.. Scotland