Auto-power on Alpha 864s instructions unclear

userHead krysart 2020-05-07 20:51:13 1617 Views0 Replies

I have a LattePanda Alpha 864s board with default BIOS, which doesn't have auto-power on via the 12V connector.

I've tried following the guide ... -on%20BIOS and in the readme, using the files provided I ran into a problem on step 5:

"It will reflash automatically. Wait until it returns "fs3:>";"

When I booted the USB it flashed the drives connected, counted down 5 seconds, cleared the screen and then stopped on iirc "enter "BIOS.nsh" to continue", which is inconsistent with the instructions.

I've seen quite a few posts about a bricked BIOS and this is not my own board, rather a work prototype and I don't own a BIOS programmer so I have to be absolutely certain this is the correct way to do it.

fyi S/N starts with X-S70KR300-KF65A

Can anyone confirm or provide updated instructions that this is the correct behaviour and I should proceed as instructed on screen?

Apologies if this is the wrong place to post.

Kind Regards,