JST 4p DC works for batteries in the Lattepanda delta?

userHead Yaranaika 2020-05-12 12:56:07 2152 Views9 Replies
  • hello sorry if there is something that is misspelled my native language is not english leaving that aside I wanted to know if anyone knows if the JST 4p DC Input Connector of the Lattepanda Delta (that does not have the 10-pin connector for Li-po batteries) works to connect batteries and also how can i do it and what is needed.. my soldering skills are not very good but i will look for information about it so as not to burn anything.. i wanted to start asking if i can put 2 of these batteries from aliexpress(and if these don't work what kind of specifications would the battery need)[https://a.aliexpress.com/_dYe50t9]
    and also how can i solder them to the connector JST 4-pin female and also if these from aliexpress could be used(I don't know if those cables need to be thicker or not)
    and also if I require a balancer of these to prevent the lattepanda from burning(I have seen some diagrams of how to use the balancer but I do not know how to implement them to the 4-pin connector and if this is not necessary I do not know how to implement the batteries to the 4-pin pls halp)
    I have no idea if that would work .. I hope to receive answers about whether I have to implement something else and how could i implement it, any help is appreciated [(thank you)i do a lot of research and and i didn't find anything ]