Questions for LP Gen1 for important prototype development

userHead Chevelle 2020-05-28 02:36:35 1923 Views1 Replies
Hi, we are developing a commercial system but would like to make the first few non-commercial prototypes based on the 2G/23G LattePanda. I would appreciate it if someone could provide the answers to these questions or point me in the direction to the right documentation.

First a little bit about the design. The LP would be the embedded controller that would provide BT, Wi-Fi, USB, and Ethernet to the outside world. It would provide a limited user interface through an IPS touch screen display. It would also provide a higher degree of user interface via the HDMI monitor with wireless keyboard and mouse or through BlueTooth connection to a tablet. Also inside this unit is a control PCB that performs all the other system functions. This needs to talk to the LP by RS232 or other direct means.

1. Does the LP support simultaneous use of the HDMI output and the IPS? (They would not be displaying the same thing.)
2. Is the 3.9" display available and does it have a touch overlay?
3. Is there documentation for the IPS and touch interface so that other 3rd party displays can be used assuming cables and drivers are available?
4. Are 3D CAD models for the LP and 3.9" display available?
5. Is RS232 communication (or other) available to a Windows application that is not an Arduino-type application?
6. Are any RS232, micoSD, or USB connections available on headers instead of or in addition to standard connectors?
7. Does the Leonardo co-processor look like a com port to the Windows OS? If so, are the Arduino pins only available to the OS through this com port and not by some other direct means?

Thanks very much.