Delta 432 + Win10Pro ... Won't turn back on after sleeping since March '20.

userHead Asmodyne 2020-05-28 05:40:15 1605 Views4 Replies
I've assembled a small x86 PC for my wife back in december 2019, around a LattePanda Delta 432, with a 250GB SSD.

The device worked fine for the first few month of 2020, but after a long period standing by during the pandemics (almost 2 & 1/2 month) , both leds won't turn back on, and the device refuses to boot up.

I tested the provided power supply on another USB-C device (namely, a Nintendo Switch), and it appears to work fine.
I tried to power the LattePanda with an external lab psu : nothing, no led activity either, no reaction to the power button, no fan spinning.

How can I proceed from now on ?