[DEFECTIVE] [RMA Prem] Delta 432 + Win10Pro : not powering up on USB3 or JST (no leds activity).

userHead Asmodyne 2020-05-29 05:47:09 1145 Views2 Replies
Hello !

As stated in my previous topic ( https://www.lattepanda.com/topic-f20t22028.html ), my little Delta 432 (DFR0544) isn't powering up after it's been in sleep mode since March 20th.

The device was bought on december 5th 2019 and first booted during the same month. So far, it has seen less than 20 hours of cumulative runtime, it's been in sleep mode from March 20th (shut down but still powered) until 2020 may 27th, when I discovered it wouldn't power up anymore.

I bought the device via DFRobot's webstore (Order #180407).

Should I initiate an RMA inquiry, or is there a known solution to this problem ?