Questions on powering the LPA 800S

userHead Rossosaurus 2020-06-01 21:40:30 1494 Views4 Replies
Hi all. I've just bought a LattePanda 800s which I'm planning on hooking up to the back of a monitor as a sort of DIY AIO computer for my folks and have a few questions on powering the thing before I go ahead and start designing the chassis and other things.

First off I want to take advantage of the USB C port and so I'd like to power the board via the 4 pin JST header. The documentation I've found so far only talks about using this header if you using batteries. If I want to use this header to power the board via a 12V/3A mains power supply would I just connect V+ to the 2 DC_IN pins and the ground to the 2 GND pins like this: Image or just connect one pin to power and ground each?

Secondly, what is the 2pin JST header next to the PWR and D13 LED's? Is it to hook up an external power or reset switch? If do have to hook up a momentary or latching switch to it?

Finally, is a battery in the RTC socket a requirement? I assume it's just to keep time while the device is powered off and isn't required to maintain the CMOS as well?

Thanks in advance