Compile kernel driver on LattePanda 4G/64G

userHead ytpark 2020-06-03 16:38:52 1755 Views2 Replies

Hello, LattePanda Team,

I am a newbie of LattePanda, and want to use Ubuntu on Lattepanda.
My Lattepanda is LattePanda 4G/64G (SKU: DFR0419) (V1.2).

I have already followed the instruction of installing Ubuntu 16.04. ( ... r%20Ubuntu )
It is working really well. 

However, I hope to compile my kernel driver for our product. But I cannot find a clue to compile the kernel driver for LattePanda V1.2 (based on Linux 4.12.1-20180418).
It seems that the previous version (V1.0 and V1.1) of kernel source is provided on GitHub (

The main question is how to compile my kernel driver for building a kernel module for LattePanda V1.2.
I need the kernel source of Linux 4.12.1-20180418 or linux-headers-4.12.1-20180418 to use for compiling the driver.

Is there any suggestion for me ?

Thank you.