[SOLVED] Windows 10 May 2020 Upgraded Failed: Error 0xC1900101 Subcode 0x3000D

userHead nh905 2020-06-14 23:08:35 1923 Views1 Replies
I have two of the early 4GB RAM/64GB flash Z8300 processor LattePandas. Aside from a WiFi issue, I have have been able to keep Windows 10 current up to version 1909. Attempts to upgrade to version 2004 (May 2020) failed on both LattePandas after the second reboot with error 0xC1900101 subcode 0x3000D. No errors were displayed other than "Attempting to recover installation" and "Undoing changes made to your computer". The Event Viewer/Application logged a WinSetupDiag02 info event that included the subcode and pointers to logs.

I have gone through the basic troubleshooting - no Device Manager issues and sfc /scannow reports no errors. One LattePanda has only 12GB free space but the other has 26GB so I have done subsequent tests with this device. Both LattePandas run headless with ghost HDMI adapters and are accessed via VNC. I connected the LattePanda to an HDMI display and a wireless keyboard/mouse but the upgrade still failed.

I am slowly working through the logs but so far have not identified anything pointing to the root cause of the error. I will provide updates if I make any progress.

Regards, Norbert