Lattapanda V1 4/64 Stuck at Boot Screen

userHead Lesliechow66666 2020-06-24 00:25:51 1599 Views1 Replies

I have a Lattepanda V1 (S70CR200-CC55E). I went into the BIOs and Restored Optimal Defaults.
After doing that, I am unable to get into the BIOs screen again even after repeatedly pressing ESC and DEL on the Keyboard.
The Screen just shows the default lattepanda logo on a black background. 

Things I have tried to troubleshoot
1. Tried flashing the BIOs via a USB flashdrive 
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2. Re-install Windows 10 Home

Both options still left me at the same screen, essentially leaving me with a brick. I can no longer boot into Windows 10. 

In terms of PSU, I am using the default RPi power supply (5V/ 2.5A)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
Thank You and Have a Nice Day.