Lattepanda Alpha Temperature

userHead wisecolt 2020-08-09 15:31:07 2564 Views7 Replies
I use LattePanda Alpha (864s) (m3-8100y) with titan case. I installed windows 10 on m2 ssd (toshiba rc500 m2 ssd). While the cpu temperature is 45-50 degrees in idle mode, the cpu temperature rises to 95 degrees while processing. M2 ssd itself gets very hot (over 80 degrees). Applications installed and running on Windows; dropbox, google sync, resilio sync, qbittorent, plex, kodi. I will generally use it as sync operations / file server and media player. But it scares me that it works with an average of 80-90 degrees during the procedure. Do you think this is normal or should I return my Lattepanda?