hi, i have questions about touch display larger than 7 inch for alpha

userHead jwhong 2020-08-10 12:54:52 995 Views2 Replies
hi, my name is jw hong from south korea.

i'm not good at English. So if i make a mistake or misspell, please let me know.

i work for IT company developing some SW related to smart factory in which our SW diagnoses and foresees malfunction or fault and the cause of them.

and i'm trying to create a portable device for using our SW in industrial circumstance.

i need following component, a sbc run on windows 10 os, a touch display of which size is about 10.1 inch and a battery.

i chose LattePanda alpha not to use a ready-made tablet (e.g. samsung, MS) because of expenses and other reasons.

LattePanda officially sells 7 inch touch display for alpha.

but the size is small for industrial environment so i need a touch display which is larger than 7 inch.

i read the post that Roxx208 wrote in "Mon Nov 11, 2019 5:39 pm" about 10.1" touch display for alpha.

but there is no information about 10.1 inch touch pannel. so i sent him a message about the touch pannel he used but i didn't get the reply yet.

and i have searched technical discussion in lattepanda community about it, but found nothing.

if anyone have information about touch pannels for 10.1 inch or larger display compatible for alpha, please let me know about it.