Slow internet speeds (Both Wifi and Ethernet)

userHead lolcoolkat 2020-08-12 21:49:53 1589 Views2 Replies
Hi guys, I purchased a Latte Panda 864s recently and I'm disappointed by the internet speeds i'm seeing.. when it said that the device has a Gigabit Ethernet port. I'm only seeing around 100Mbps max on Wifi and the same on Ethernet (no change). Alot of the time though tbh.. I don't even get 50Mbps... very unfortunate :/ Keep in mind.. I have a 400Mbps internet plan.. and it works perfect on all my other devices.. so it's definitely an issue with the Latte Panda.


Any ideas how to fix this? I've been asking around and I guess other people say they were not impressed by the Ethernet speeds too. Please help