Component Identification: Problem in power input circuit

userHead msrego 2020-08-17 06:59:10 1798 Views3 Replies

Unfortunately I had yet another problem which made my Lattepanda Alpha unbootable. After probing around, I isolated the problem to the area around the primary input MOSFETS and by sheer luck, touching component (0402 resistor?) circled in red in the attached picture made the red LED briefly light up, which made me realize that that component is making a bad contact.

By visual analysis under a microscope, the circled component appears to be cracked, thus the bad contact. If I apply continuous pressure on it, I am able to boot the board, and after boot I can release the pressure without any crashes / abnormal behavior, so it seems this component is only essential to the boot process.

Now, I need to replace that component, but as it is cracked I am unable to get a good reading and figuring it out myself, so I would be very grateful if anyone knows which component it is and its respective value, and is willing to share that information. Attachments IMG_20200816_212117.jpg IMG_20200816_212117.jpg (1.65 MiB) Viewed 1622 times