What is the best way to power to 12V fans on a LPA 800s?

userHead Rossosaurus 2020-08-22 23:51:56 1381 Views3 Replies
Title basically sums it up. I want to power 3 12V fans with a total current draw of ~0.4A. I tried using the 12V pins on the header and the DC Power JST PH2.0 connector as both were reading 15V out of them when powering the board via USB C (The fans can handle 15V so this isn't a problem) but when I connect a fan to them it doesn't power it. I'm assuming there's something stopping you from drawing power from those pins on the board to protect the board of something. Does anyone know of another way I can get 12V from the board? The fans will run off other 12V supplies I have so it must be something board related. Any help would be appreciated.