LattePanda Delta Not Booting

userHead NileEllis 2020-08-24 05:07:04 2931 Views4 Replies
Good afternoon,

I very recently purchased a Latte Panda Delta version S70GR200. I was able to plug it in and run it once and it shutdown during running and now I am not able to boot the device again. There is no display through the HDMI output so I cannot see the BIOS if it is still working.

Are there troubleshooting methods that I can follow somewhere? I see that in the forum rules it says "Have you tried the solutions listed above?" but I see not solutions listed to try.

The device turns on, the red light flashes a few times and then the red light remains on and the blue light flashes. when I hold the power button for 3 sec the blue light goes solid but nothing happens after that and it goes back to solid red light and flashing blue light.

Any help would be appreciated.