Arduino not Working on LattePanda Delta 432

userHead admiralhunter 2020-08-24 08:51:15 1107 Views1 Replies

I'm working on a project that uses LattePanda Delta connected to an Arduino Mega2560 for motor control. I've booted a Ubuntu 16.04 LTS OS on the LP. I'll be using OpenCV with Python as well in the future.

There are several issues regarding the communications between the LP and the Arduino. Some of them are:
- Arduino auto-detects the board as Arduino Leonardo, but is able to upload the code/sketch.
- Even though uploading went fine, the motors did not move.
- I've tried force-setting the board to Mega 2560, but it won't upload my sketches (Uploading failed)
- On my main computer (Windows 10), I was able to upload code to the Arduino Mega and make it move (auto-detect is showing Mega 2560)

My parameters:
- I've connected the DFRobot Quad Motor shield attachment to the Mega 2560 for 12v motor controls
- I'm doing most of my programming via VNC server to the LP board
- /dev/ttyACM0 port shows Arduino Leonardo instead of Arduino Mega 2560

I'd be happy to supply you with all the code, should you need them. Googling this problem seems to show little results.
Thank you for your time!