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Cool Robot project using Latte Panda

userHead fxrtst 2020-08-25 02:15:14 19635 Views9 Replies
Hello everyone,

I've been building robots for about 10 years now. Due to being home bound with covid-19 shutdowns, I decided to start a Youtube channel for robotics. I am building 6 foot 3 inch a bartender robot. On my next episode (5), I'll be installing the onboard Latte Panda and 10 inch touch screen. Hopefully I will be able to control all the motions and software on the Panda. Its my first time using one, but if successful I will be adding one to all my robot builds.

If you enjoy robots please come by and watch the progress. You should poke around too, lots of other robot projects from the past. And consider subscribing.


Will Huff ... OScxxyxr0R
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