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DIY USB C PD UPS - tested on lattepanda alpha

userHead Project-SBC 2020-09-07 01:34:47 4382 Views2 Replies
Hey everyone, Project SBC here

The most convenient portable power option for your delta and alpha is a usb c Pd bank. While it’s most convenient, the only problem I’ve found is lack of UPS functionality (I.e. able to charge the battery while still using the device). The only examples of this I’ve found are in stupidly expensive and bulky battery packs, or a small ZMI battery pack that’s only good up to 9v on ups mode. Neither are acceptable cost effective solutions for a Pd UPS.

So I started tinkering around with developing my own. Just tested my first attempt at assembling one. It uses a 4s 18650 pack with balance bms, a 4s charger 3 amp, and a dc to usb c Pd output. You can see it used on my lattepanda alpha here. ... 14080?s=21

I’ll make a build video in the next week or so. Regardless, it works!!!!!!! We have a new way to make our lattepanda sbc portable!!