LattePanda Delta backplane USB connector

userHead Nathan_NAOSTAGE 2020-09-12 02:27:37 1872 Views0 Replies
Hi everyone,

I tried to use the USB ribbon connector which is located at the back of the Delta’s PCB and I wanted to share what I learned:
- The connector’s reference is THD0509-04CL-GF
- The documentation is wrong about the pinout of the connector on the Delta: D+ and D- are reversed. The correct pinout is: {E251B1D2-4E96-4B81-A60F-981B4F9F8ABE}.png.jpg {E251B1D2-4E96-4B81-A60F-981B4F9F8ABE}.png.jpg (69.79 KiB) Viewed 1601 times Hope it will be useful!