an issue about the icon showing battery charging.

userHead jwhong 2020-09-28 08:28:30 2403 Views6 Replies
hi, i'm jw hong from south korea.

i'm not good at English, if i make a mistake please let me know.

i made a battery pack for latte panda alpha powering it with molex panelmate connector 51146-1000.
( 2S4P battery pack, each cell info is here, )

i works well and i used a adaptor for the li-ion battery for charging and i does works well either.

but while charging the battery pack, there is no sign about charging in the screen on windows 10

i checked the battery pack was been charged like from 76% to 77% after a few minutes later after connected to the charging adaptor.

i wanna make the icon appear that shows the battery pack is been charged.

if you have an idea, please share me.