Hardware Differences between Rev. 55D/55F

userHead anonymous 2020-10-01 14:15:39 1683 Views1 Replies
Hello everyone,

I have several LattePandas (all 64 GB eMMC/4 GB RAM) which are all in use. Some have the Serial Number [...]S70CR200-CC55D[...], other ones the Serial Number [...]S70CR200-CC55F[...]. I also have a custom BIOS version for each of the boards (55D/55F).
I want to create a small program which checks the Hardware Revision (either 55D or 55F) and BIOS versions of the board and tells the user if the Panda still uses the original BIOS or the custom BIOS. If the Panda is using the original BIOS, I want to show the user which custom BIOS Version is needed for this Revision of the board.

To write such a program, I need to know at least one difference between the two Hardware Revisions so the Program can determine on which Revision it's running.
The program needs to run on Windows 10, so it would be great if I could check this aspect directly in Windows.
I already searched the web and checked the device manager, but I couldn't find any differences.

It would be great if somebody could help me out. Thanks a lot!

Best Regards