Lattepanda black screen on restore

userHead nunojose 2020-10-19 01:16:27 1379 Views1 Replies
Hi there!

I have 2x lattepanda boards 2G/32G CR200 Z8350 and both are presenting the same strange behaviour.

They both had corrupted windows installation and were not booting.
I then tried to restore windows installation using the image provided by lattepanda troubleshooting website.
It boots just fine and patches the image to the memory of the board, prompting to type "exit" at the end.

After typing "exit" the board reboots and the Windows logo apears with the message "getting devices ready" and at about 30% the screen goes black, "no signal" message on the LCD and no other action is taken by the lattepanda board until it is powered off an back on again.

Some other times, at about 40% on the same screen as above, it just crashes, reboots and then displays a message stating the computer was powered off unexpectedly and makes me install the image all over again.

At first I thought it would be an overheating related problem but I'm cooling the board with a huge fan to keep it cool the whole process and the results are the same.

Any hints on what this might be?

Note: the USB stick used to this restore process, was also used to restore other lattepanda boards (I have 10+ boards) successfully so I discard the possibility of a corrupted usb stick.

thank you for your help