Latte Panda Alpha Usbc Power Issue [Resolved]

userHead icleared 2020-11-03 05:46:02 1820 Views3 Replies
I have a company that has been manufacturing a line of thermal units integrated with door access. We use the Latte panda alpha as the main device within the unit. We currently have 2 Latte Panda Alphas that do not power on, Initial contact with usbc power connection no lights will be present.(NO RED OR BLUE). I have also tried using different Official Latte Panda Alpha Power Supplies with no luck, and these power supplies are verified and currently being used as the power cabling for our production line. I am honestly not sure why I have so many Update/power issues with these units. Roughly 1 in 8 Pandas will present an issue. Mostly Power related. I do not have the time to tell you that I know how to properly turn the device I just need a department representative that will work with me on getting RMA products done. We have currently bought over 50 pandas and deployed each and will continue to do so as long as the support is there. Please Advise for RMA!!!