Joycons with lattepanda

userHead anonymous 2020-11-07 08:58:14 1767 Views0 Replies
Hello everyone,

After spending a bit of time with a nintendo switch, I was curious if it would be possible to make a custom handled console which I could use to play my steam/GoG games on the go.

After some digging, I managed to find most hardware for what I am doing (SBC, battery, cooling, storage, ...) but I am stuck on one point: the controller.

I really like the idea of the joycons, having the hands on both sidd of the screen gives a good grip, so I went in that direction.

I have found how to use the joycons as bluetooth devices, I have found rails for connecting joycons to DIY projects, but so far I have not found anyone who seems to have managed to have the joycons turn on/off and charge.

My questions are:

Does anyone know of a way to have the joycons charge from a lattepanda or the battery ?

does anyone know of a way to wake up the joycons when the lattepanda wakes up ?

Thank you