USB Port Identification - 864s

userHead memoriafuturi 2020-11-10 02:23:10 1300 Views2 Replies
When I try to identify the USB ports on my 864s, I get the following:

HS01 0x01
HS02 0x02
HS03 0x03
HS04 0x04
HS05 0x05
HS06 0x06
HS07 0x07
HS08 0x08
HS09 0x09
HS10 0x0A
USR1 0x0B
USR2 0x0C
SS01 0x0D
SS02 0x0E
SS03 0x0F
SS04 0x10
SS05 0x11
SS06 0x12

I've managed to identify that HS03, HS05, HS07 (USB2) and SS02, SS03, SS04 (USB3) are the three USB ports. What I'm really struggling to identify is the USB-C DP port identifiers. Not helped as I'm using it to power the device, but I really want to identify it so I can power from my monitor and also send video to it. Other identification would be great as well, but the USB-C is the one I REALLY care about.

Am hoping someone has figured this one out.