LattePanda Delta with CANBUS over SPI

userHead Honorwalk 2020-11-18 02:01:24 2650 Views3 Replies

I am looking to use the LattePanda Delta as a DCS controller with a GUI running in Linux. My system communicates over a CAN BUS network. Up to now, I have been using a raspberry pi 4 with a hat to interface with the network through the SocketCAN driver, but the pi does not have enough processing power to handle the program. I am wondering if I can achieve something similar using the GPIO pins on the LattePanda. I notice that there are what appears to be SPI pins (MISO, MOSI, CLK, CS) on the GPIO both for the Arduino and the CPU. How would I communicate with a device through the CPU pins? Has anyone had success using SocketCAN with the LattePanda Delta?